Pressure sensors

The Honeywell pressure sensor I use in the EFIS is quite expensive. A few people asked if it can be replaced with cheaper option for the altimeter.

The main reason I chose to use the Honeywell is that it has a barb to attach a tube. I guess a cheaper option would be attaching a barb to a BMP-085. I’ve tried, couldnt make it reliable enough.

Anyway, today I found a sensor that can potentially replace the Honeywell


This sensor is has 14bit ADC and communicates via I2C, just like the Honeywell.

The sensor costs about $29 at

I have not tested the sensor yet, but I think it has a potential.


There is a differential sensor from the same manufacturer – NPA-700B-001D (7.5kPa differential range)

It is also works via I2C

I might use it for the angle of attack…. maybe….


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