Lift Reserve Indicator

Lift reserve indicator (LRI) is a very interesting concept described in great detail on Mountain Flying website.

Its basic principle is similar to the angle of attack, but instead of an angle it shows your “position” on the power curve.

Hardware-wise the LRI is practically identical to the AoA indicator except it does not require airspeed sensor.

Of course, the software is different but the basic principle of measuring the differential pressure between two angled ports is the same.

Parts list:

Part Name
 Arduino Nano (Available in our Store)
 LED Display PCB Board (3 parts) (Soon will be available in our Store)
 LED Bar-graph or 10 individual 3mm LEDs (Soon will be available in our Store)
 One differential pressure sensors MPXV7002 or MPXV5010 (Soon will be available in our Store)
 9-Pin D-SUB Male Right Angle connector (Available in our Store)

Assembly Instructions

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