Frequently Asked Questions

[symple_accordion_section title=”Can I modify the code (software)?”] Yes, you can. [/symple_accordion_section]
[symple_accordion_section title=”What is the best place to buy parts and components”] I usually check first and if I’m happy with the price I get stuff from them. They have relatively low minimum order for free shipping.
There is also Some very exotic stuff is only available from them. They have quite high minimum order for free shipping so I don’t use them often.
There are few other companies of the same sort, but I have no experience with them.
In many cases eBay is better option if you want the stuff cheap and dont care how long it takes to be delivered.

Other online stores I use:

[symple_accordion_section title=”What is the voltage range for powering Arduino based devices”] 6-14V is recommended. You can go all the way up to 20V but the on-board voltage regulator might get really hot. [/symple_accordion_section]
[symple_accordion_section title=”I’m new to Arduino. Where do I start?”] Arduino is very simple platform to start your way into microcontroller’s world. There are hundreds of tutorials on the internet including Youtube. Usually I recommend to start with a simple Blink sketch (Google “Blink sketch Arduino”). If you can get this one to work, you can work with any sketch.
Avionics software is nothing but a hundred of “blinking sketches” stuck up together. 🙂 [/symple_accordion_section]
[symple_accordion_section title=”The screen on my EFIS freezes on startup. What’s wrong?”]Usually this is an indication of malfunctioning i2c component or a broken connection. The easiest way to identify this is to run a little sketch called i2c_scaner.ino: [easy_media_download url=”” text=”Download” force_dl=”1″]

It will show all the connected i2c devices in the Serial Monitor screen. If you dont see your device in the list, then it is the one that is misbehaving. [/symple_accordion_section]