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Thanks for your support

The Experimental Avionics project receives a great deal of support from aircraft builders and electronics enthusiasts from all over the world and we would like to thank each and every contributor for participating. Our projects are getting better every day thanks to you.

It is very easy to make a difference. Depending on your skill set, your availability, and your wealth, you can help Experimental Avionics in one or more of the following ways:

Financial help


You can help by making a financial contribution to the project.
Experimental Avionics publishes software and schematics free of charge and doesn’t generate any direct income from this information.
It is funded by advertising, selling components and DIY kits, sponsorship, and donations.
Our goal is to create avionics good enough to compete with Dynon and Garmin, yet affordable enough to fit the modest budget of an experimental or recreational aviator.

How is the money used?

The money is used to finance the needs of the research and development work, to pay for hosting the website, testing equipment, and to fund the work of the people behind it. We also cover the fuel cost for the pilots participating in testing.

How much should you give?

We appreciate any help. Every dollar helps us to succeed on this project, month after month. If you want to help, and if you can do so, please make a donation to the project and encourage others to do so.

What is the long-term plan for funding of Experimental Avionics?

We hope Experimental Avionics can gather the momentum necessary to fund itself entirely through donations, sponsoring and advertisement without the need to engage in commercial activities. We much prefer to focus on creating affordable avionics rather than turning into yet another company producing expensive gadgets.

As a token of our appreciation, your name will be mentioned in the list of donors. Please let us know if you want to remain anonymous.



By sponsoring the Experimental Avionics project, you will be contributing by giving the development team some income and accelerating the project. Sponsorships are the best way to help the Experimental Avionics team to dedicate as much time as possible to all their exciting projects.

To become a sponsor, please email us:

Joining the community

Experimental Avionics is more than just affordable electronics for your aircraft. It is also a dynamic community of passionate aviation enthusiasts, and people who enjoy and interact with free and open projects. Whether it’s by helping others sort through issues, by making them feel welcome or by participating in aviation community-driven projects, we recommend you join the community and participate in the development of the open source avionics.

Please register and participate in our forums (coming soon).

Project contributions

Bug reports

If you notice something that doesn’t work properly, troubleshoot it and if you find a bug let us know.

Code and electronics

Your input on software and hardware development is most welcome. Please contact us if you want to be part of the Experimental Avionics team.