Status: On hold.

Update from April 2017:

I have achieved some promising results with WiFi, however I’ve noticed that using iPad as a primary display with ADAHRS connected via WiFi is not very reliable combination. Maybe it is my implementation. Anyway, I’m changing to CAN Bus as a primary mode of communication between different modules of my avionics. Maybe I’ll get back to WiFi as a add-on to CAN-Bus.

So, for now, the WiFi development is on hold.


The idea is to build a remote ADAHRS module with iOS, Android or Windows tablet as a Display.
This idea is not revolutionary new. There are few products on the market

Lets see if I can put together something similar for under $300 USD.

At this stage I’m prototyping the device based on ESP8266 with Arduino IDE.

The general idea is to send raw data from the ADAHRS to a tablet via WiFi using websockets and JSON (or XML).

So far the results are very promising.

Stay tuned!