EFIS and EMS Display Unit Assembly Instructions

(being updated)

Detailed instructions for assembling the Display Unit

  1. Assemble the unit
    1. Prepare the male pins for soldering them to the main board
    2. Prepare the female headers for soldering them to the Arduino Mega Mini board
    3. Join the headers and boards together
    4. Solder the headers on the Arduino board
    5. Solder the pins on the bottom side of the main board
    6. Separate the Arduino board from the main board
    7. Remove the screw terminal from the MCP2515 CAN-Bus adapter
    8. Cut the terminating resistor pins
    9. Shorten the CAN board by about 5mm from the side where screw terminal was installed
    10. Install and solder the CAN board to the main board. Make sure the CAN board components don’t touch the main board surface.
    11. Install and solder the DB9 male connector.
    12. Install and solder the 20-pin female header on the bottom side of the main board.
    13. install and solder the 20 pin male header on the LCD display
    14. attach the LCD display
    15. Install and solder the encoder on the spacer board
    16. (Optional) Install and solder the toggle switch on the spacer board
    17. (Optional) Install and solder the warning LEDs on the spacer board
    18. Install and solder the 9 male header pins on the bottom side of the spacer board
    19. install the spacer board on the main board. Before soldering it to the main board, it might be a good idea to trial-fit the unit into the instrument panel and see what is the best position for the spacer. If possible solder the spacer with the unit fitted.
  2. Upload the software
  3. Perform basic tests
  4. Install the unit on the instrument panel