LED Lighting

LED Strobes and Landing Lights

Status: Testing

LED lighting has a lot of benefits over the traditional incandescent light and xenon flash

First (of course)  it is cheap. It is also very economical and very conducive to DIY.

For my RV-12 I chose to build my own wingtip strobes and landing lights.
I dont plan to do night flying, so positioning lighting (red, green and white) was out of scope for this project. All I wanted is to be visible in the circuit. So basically all I needed was strobes.
So this device controls of wing tip strobes and landing lights
Strobes are programmed to mimic Airbus pattern – 3 flashes one wing, 3 flashes another. (on:30ms/off:150ms/pause:800ms)
The two landing lights  work as either both “on” or alternating (wig-wag).

LED_Power_BoosterIn order to reduce weight and improve the efficiency of the setup I decided to boost LED power to 24 volts using the power booster from eBay for about $10. It allows me to run thinner wires (about 40 meters of AWG-20) and get heat dissipation under control




LED power controlled by a simple Arduino Nano circuit driving  a MOSFET. There is a control channel for each strobe and each landing light. So there are 4 programmable channels all together  The circuit diagram shows only one channel connected to D2 output. The other channels connected to D3, D4 and D5. The MOSFET control circuit is identical for all channels. R5 resistor controls the current on the connected LED. To drive a 700mA LED you need 0.7 ohm resistor (I used three 2.2 ohm resistors connected in parallel).











(to be continued)