EFIS 19264 Ver 1.0

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Schematics, parts list and software download

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This is the original version of the EFIS.

The main objective of this version was to prove the concept of fully functional  DIY Electronic Flight Information System.

One of the primary goals of this version was to to build it for under $100 US. It has been achieved. All up cost of components including the case and mounting hardware is $97.
It was primarily achieved by ordering most of the components directly from distributors in China using the cheapest delivery method. So, your mileage might vary.

Main features of this version

  • Airspeed indicator (ASI) – knots only
  • Altimeter – feet
  • Vertical speed indicator (VSI) – ft/min
  • Magnetic compass
  • Slip indicator (Ball),
  • Attitude indicator (artificial horizon)
  • Flight-time timer (airswitch)
  • UTC/Local time clock
  • G-meter


EFIS schematics

(to download high resolution image – right-click, open link in new tab)


Software download:

EFIS 19264 version 1.0 (29/07/2016) software (Arduino sketch) including libraries.
The software has been tested with Arduino IDE version 1.6.9
It might not compile properly on other versions of IDE. In fact a few people reported weird compilation errors on IDE version 1.6.10
[easy_media_download url=”http://experimentalavionics.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/EFIS_19264_Arduino.zip” text=”Download ver. 1.0″ force_dl=”1″]


Parts list:

Part Name
U2 Display 4″ 192×64 pix KS0107/KS0108 based monochrome display from BuyDisplay
ARD1 Arduino Mega 2560, non-genuine model.
U1 BNO-055Gyro-Magnetometer-Accelerometer – BNO055. ATBNO055-XPRO Xplained Pro
U7 Rotary Encoder KY-040Encoder
U6 Differential pressure sensor MPXV5010DPMPXV5010DP
U4 Static pressure sensor MS5611ms5611
U5 Real time clock DS3231DS3231_Real_Time_Clock
U3 Level shifter 3v/5vI2C_Logic_Level_Converter
R1 10K potentiometerTrim_Pot1
R2 69 Ohm resistor
Pneumatic fittings (x2) and tubing (pitot and static)pneumatic_fittings
Plastic case


User manual:

(put it last – no one reads manuals anyway)

Power can be supplied via USB or 5.5/2.1mm power barrel/jack. Voltage between 6V and 20V is OK. Voltage over 14V is not generally recommended due to excessive heat dissipation on the on-board voltage regulators.

QNH setting – momentarily push the knob, turn to set the desired QNH or airfield elevation, push the knob again to store

Main menu (time and air-switch)

  • push and hold the knob for about 2 seconds until the screen changes.
  • navigate to the setting you want to change by twisting the knob
  • push the knob to enter the setting.
  • turn the knob to change the setting
  • push the knob again to store the setting.
  • to store the time push and hold the knob
  • to exit – navigate to the top of the screen to “Exit” and push the knob.

Magnetic compass is self calibrating. It is recommended to have at least one 360 deg turn for it to operate properly.