Welcome to Experimental Avionics.

Experimental Avionics EFISDIY avionics for experimental aircrafts. Aviation related electronics projects based on modern microprocessors, micro-controllers and solid state sensors.

Why build DIY avionics?

  • to save money on non-mission critical components of your aircraft
  • to build backup and primary instruments
  • to learn about avionics
  • to have fun

Philosophy of these projects

  • Simple
    The main focus of the project’s design is to make them easily repeatable. All of the projects are built of pre-assembled components, so you only need some basic soldering skills to put it together.
  • Affordable
    All of the projects build of components are widely available from ebay or from your local DIY electronics store.
  • Reliable
    There is a large community of people in the world experimenting in robotics. They all use the same components and support each other in creating reliable and efficient designs.
  • Easy to build and modify
    All of the projects are designed in a way that makes them easy to be replicated with basic tools, a computer, a soldering iron and a $10 multimeter.

All projects at this stage are based on Arduino IDE.
Why Arduino? – Because it is a simple platform, very easy to learn and there is a huge community to source support and wisdom from.
Why not Raspberry Pi? – It is a bit complex for the goals we are trying to achieve here. It is 4-5 times more expensive than Arduino Mega.


Your comments, opinions and contributions will be highly appreciated.

Feel free to contact me on oleg@ExperimentalAvionics.com



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