Status: On hold.

Update from April 2017:

I have achieved some promising results with WiFi, however I’ve noticed that using iPad as a primary display with ADAHRS connected via WiFi is not very reliable combination. Maybe it is my implementation. Anyway, I’m changing to CAN Bus as a primary mode of communication between different modules of my avionics. Maybe I’ll get back to WiFi as a add-on to CAN-Bus.

So, for now, the WiFi development is on hold.


The idea is to build a remote ADAHRS module with iOS, Android or Windows tablet as a Display.
This idea is not revolutionary new. There are few products on the market

Lets see if I can put together something similar for under $300 USD.

At this stage I’m prototyping the device based on ESP8266 with Arduino IDE.

The general idea is to send raw data from the ADAHRS to a tablet via WiFi using websockets and JSON (or XML).

So far the results are very promising.

Stay tuned!



9 comments on “WiFi ADAHRS
  1. Everett Block says:

    excellent work…..can’t wait

  2. Tristan says:


    I’m very interested on this WiFi ADAHRS project. How is it going so far?? I would like to build it for my own ultralight aircraft. When do you think it will be done? I hope to hear from you soon!!!

    Best regards,


  3. Gilbert DeVault says:

    I would like to build my own. I almost ordered the Talos, but when they wanted over thirty dollars for shipping from Florida, I canceled the order. Principal of the thing. Be very interested in what you have to offer.

  4. Keith Kollmar says:

    What I really want is the EMS WIFI to my Samsung tablet. Are you working on this (WIFI for the EMS)? I know you are working on the EMS and I would like all the information you have so far. I realize it is a work in progress but I would like to start studying on it. It’s a hobby project and I will definitely use it in the Ercoupe when finished.

    Many thanks,


    • Oleg Oleg says:

      Hi Keith,
      I plan to use WiFi as a secondary information channel, basically re-translating the data from CAN Bus through Web Sockets via WiFi. This way I achieve reliability of the primary instruments and have all the information in a “pretty” form on mobile devices. I didnt progress too far in that area yet, but it is definitely in the pipeline.

  5. Steve W says:

    Try using micro python it simplifies the tool chain and gives you access to a good OO lanuage.


    Steve W

    see: https://docs.micropython.org/en/latest/esp8266/esp8266/tutorial/intro.html

    • Oleg Oleg says:

      I actually tried micropython. It is great platform! Petty there are not many libraries for it. I’m thinking of using python for CAN-to-WiFi interface.

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