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PCB for EFIS Sensor Board

PCB for EFIS Sensor Board.

PCB only. No components attached.

This is a PCB board for the Sensor Board to build EFIS ver.1.2.
The Sensor Board connects together all the relevant EFIS sensors and feeds the information into Display Board via 20-wire IDC connector.

$15.00 US


PCB for Display Board

PCB for Display Board.

PCB only. No components attached.

The Display Board connects Arduino board to LCD display and provide “standards” way to talk to the Sensor Board. So it is like a building block suitable for other types of avionics. See the EFIS page for details

$15.00 US


EFIS Plastic Case

EFIS Plastic Case 158x90x60mm

This is the case used for EFIS 19264.

$15.00 US

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$25.00 US


Five 40-pin Male Terminal Strips

Five (5) 40-pin Male Header terminal strips.

5 strips should be enough for both Display board and EFIS sensor board

$3.00 US


20-pin Female Header Strip

20-pin Female Header Strip

This terminal is required to connect Display board to LCD display

$2.00 US


12″ (30cm) Ribbon Cable with 20-pin Female IDC connectors.

This is the cable to connect Display Board to Sensor Board.

$5.00 US


20-pin PCB-mounted Male IDC connector

This type of connector can be used on Display Board. Possibly on Sensor board too (it has not been tested on Sensor Board).

$2.00 US


Two (2) 20-pin Female IDC connectors for Ribbon cable

Use this connectors to make your own ribbon cable to connect Display board to Sensor board

$3.00 US

LTC2983_Thermocouple_ArduinoLTC2983 Breakout Board

This board is an essential component of the EMS Sensor Board.
You can also use this breakout board  to build your own temperature sensing projects.
The board will be fully tested before shipping.

$79.00 US

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