EFIS Feature Request and Bug Reports

Feature Requests and Bug Reports for EFIS 19264

Have an idea for a cool feature a bug to report?
Please use the form at the bottom of the page and share it with us.
Alternatively email me  – oleg@ExperimentalAvionics.com

Your contribution will help creating reliable and feature-rich system.


Feature/Bug Status
F: Flight Data Recorder (FDR) on SD card. Done ver 1.2.
F: Store magnetometer calibration data in EEPROM and load it on startup. Done ver 1.2.
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F: Add optional European and US units for speed, altitude and pressure. (km/h, mph, meters, mmHg, inHg) In Progress
F: FDR recording acceleration in all 3 axis. In Progress
F: GPS derived time/clock. In Progress
F: Tilt showing fraction of a degree. In Progress
F: Add averaging for turn coordinator ball. It is too jumpy with raw data In progress
F: Replace moving average (MA) algorithm for VSI/ALT smoothing with something more sophisticated like Savitzky-Golay filter. Play with the pressure sensor registers to reduce the noise that causes VSI to jump like crazy. In progress.
F: add compass deviation in the setup menu to correct misplacement of the compass sensor. .
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22 comments on “EFIS Feature Request and Bug Reports
  1. Alexey says:

    My name is Alexey.
    I’m from Russia.
    I am interested in your project!
    I would like to purchase a card to build and buy components.
    And to download the software.
    Is that possible?

    • Oleg Oleg says:

      Hi Alexey
      Thank you for your interest in the project.
      The PCB boards are available for purchase in the Store
      I have just uploaded the software for ver.1.2

  2. Roger says:

    Thanks for creating this and making it available! I’ve breadboarded v1.0, and it just hangs on the initial screen, EFIS V1.0 copyright 2016. Does arduino have error logs or a way to see where the problem is? Thanks!

    • Oleg Oleg says:

      The problem most likely is with one of the sensors.
      Try to disconnect them one by one and comment out their corresponding .begin methods.

  3. Chipper Block says:

    Is it possible to make the efis & ems box connect to a android tablet if a person wanted a larger color display?

    • Oleg Oleg says:

      I was experimenting with it. It is possible to feed data into iOS or Android device via websockets. I havnt done much work in the area beyond prototyping.

  4. Tom Sheppard says:

    Hi,Oleg. Canbus seems to be a complicated way to address the sensor issue. I wired the senspr board to a screened cable and mounted it remotely. Biggest problem was display noise causing radio intererence with a ribbon cable to the display. I would like to see if it goes away with your close coupled display and sensor boards.

    • Oleg Oleg says:

      Hi Tom,
      Thank you for interesting feedback.
      I didnt do the RF interference tests yet. Will try this weekend.
      There is a limit to how long the ribbon cable could be. Mainly due to limitations of I2C. Shielding it will might not help.
      BTW, CAN is not that complex and opens up a lot of opportunities for redundancy and interoperability. For example with CAN you can have two display units – one for EMS, another for EFIS and each one can be a backup for another.

  5. Tom Sheppard says:

    Thanks Oleg. I2C should be ok at 1 metre provided you use a low capacitance cable. I take your point about redundancy although my aircraft is too small to need it, it could be useful to switch between displays. For example a single display could show efis but go to Ems if an alarm condition was met.

  6. This is amazing! I definitely want to give this a try. I’m glad to see you have used a regular LCD instead of color screen, since it’s so much easier to see in direct sunlight. Have you looked into what it would take to use an E-Ink display (like from an old Kindle reader)? They are so easy to read in direct sunlight, and I’m surprised more people aren’t using them instead of hard-to-see-in-sunlight color screens.

    • Oleg Oleg says:

      Thank you for your interest to this project.
      Yes, I looked at the e-ink. It turned out to be too slow for dynamic pictures, like Attitude indicator, So I decided to stick with FSTN 🙂

  7. Ron Coleman says:

    Good morning Oleg,

    I will be ordering the parts shortly. In the meantime could I submit a feature request? I would like to be able to connect the EFIS to X-Plane (USB or wireless). X-Plane could send flight data to your EFIS (similar to the way it sends data to ForeFlight on the iPad). This would enable a simulated environment for testing. While this would not test the actual mims in your efis it would allow for orientation data to drive the efis along with all the other data.

    I am about to complete a small brushless motion platform for testing other AHARS systems. It is driven by X-Plane data. The small platform is 12″ x 12″ and driven exactly like a full motion simulator but for lab top use.

    Bottom line: An ability to simulate data and exercise the EFIS would be great for the lab.

    Thanks for all of your efforts and for sharing this exciting project.



    • Oleg Oleg says:

      I was thinking of interfacing my avionics with some simulator software that runs on a tablet. It could be an interesting way to have an instrument panel of your desire (like A380 panel on a Drifter 🙂 )
      Something like these guys have developed https://remoteflight.net/remote-flight-cockpit-hd
      iPad Panel
      I’m currently working on flight recorder (FDR) that will also broadcast the flight data over WiFi. That could be a great way to hook it up with a simulator software.

  8. Chad says:

    I’m not sure if this the right place for this comment, but if you could drive two servos (pitch/roll) that were mounted on external “trim tabs” like the trutrak eco autopilot that could follow a magnetic heading with alt hold, I think you would satisify 90% of the need of a day/vfr autopilot system. If it could take horizontal commands from a GPS source (iPad, Android, handheld Garmin…), that would probably take care of 95% of the need…vertical commands would probably take it to 99%. This seems like it could just be a few lines of code and would be supremely awesome. I’ve thought about adapting drone/RC plane stabilization systems to aircraft use, but I think it would be cooler to integrate it into your system somehow. Along with cost, weight and simplicity, one advantage to a system like this is if the tab gets stuck at full deflection, the pilot could easily over power it with a little more control force – no need to break a shear pin.

    These servos should work (https://www.amazon.com/HiTec-35646W-HS-5646WP-Waterproof-Digital/dp/B005KJJD04
    ) on a trim tab like you would find on a zenith 601/650 (2.75″x14″ or roughly 40 sq.in.)

    • Oleg Oleg says:

      Yes, I was thinking about it too. I’ll get to the autopilot eventually. Or maybe some wants to work on it and we integrate our systems together. All my ststem will be integrated together via CAN bus, so integration with an autopilot wouldn’t be a problem.
      Thanks for the link to the servo. I’ll check it out

  9. Amir Daryaei says:

    Hello Oleg, This is Amir again 🙂
    Where are u dude?
    I’m working on EFIS and need your immediate help
    my screen freeze on Gyro/Magnetometer ………. (Hope to become OK)
    Oleg I texted my problem and waiting for you (email)
    I think it is better to work on EFIS bugs then going to other projects, I’m with U

    • Oleg Oleg says:

      Replied to you by email.
      Usually this is an indication of malfunctioning i2c component or a broken connection. The easiest way to identify this is to run a little sketch called i2c_scaner.ino
      It will show all the connected i2c devices. If you dont see your device in the list, then it is the one that is misbehaving.

  10. Joni says:

    A good thing is to add compass deviation in the setup menu.
    To correct misplacement of the compass sensor.

  11. Oleg Oleg says:

    EFIS 1.0 and 1.2 use the same magnetometer/gyro. So, all the issues would be the same for a specific environment.
    EFIS ver. 2.0 will have the same magnetometer too, but it will be remote, so the interference issues would be easier to deal with.

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