EFIS 19264 ver 2.0

Updated: 24 April 2017

In parallel with EMS I’m working on a new version of EFIS. Fundamentally it is very similar to the ver 1.2. The major difference is that now the Display unit is physically separated from the sensor unit and they are connected together via CAN-Bus. This allows to install ADAHRS (sensor) board away from electromagnetic fields of the instrument panel area, that were confusing magnetometer in EFIS ver 1.2.


Hardware implementation retains the legacy of the previous version:

  • display board remains the same
  • sensor board remains the same

So if you have already built the EFIS ver 1.2, you just need to have the following two boards to have an EFIS with remote ADAHRS.

  • CAN network adapter for Display board. It gets connected instead of  sensor board. This unit can be used for EMS
  • CAN network adapter for Sensor board.  It has its own CPU board to take some load off the EFIS Display unit.


More information, schematics and new software are coming soon.