Author: Oleg

Pressure sensors

The Honeywell pressure sensor I use in the EFIS is quite expensive. A few people asked if it can be replaced with cheaper option for the altimeter. The main reason I chose to use the Honeywell is that it has

LTC2983 Temperature measurement chip

Just a few words about the LTC2983 chip I use for measuring EGT and CHT in my Engine management System (EMS) Before I found LTC2983 I experimented with a few chips from Maxim like MAX31855, MAX31856 etc. These MAX chips

Progress on the projects ….

There was very little update recently. It is all because I’ve got a new job and spend very little time at home. I didnt drop the project though. There is a big progress on EMS. I’ll present it very soon.

Bosch BNO055 disappointments

I have started testing EFIS 19264 flying at zero ft AGL 🙂 In other words I have set it up in my car and compare magnetic compass to GPS magnetic heading and altitude to GPS altitude. Good news is the

Display: Colour vs Monochrome

Several people asked me why I chose monochrome LCD display for my EFIS. Why not the colour one? Here is why: My aircraft (RV-12) has bubble canopy, so the instrument panel is exposed to the sunlight to a great degree.

EFIS compass testing

Started testing the EFIS 19264 ver 1.2 in the car. I was hoping the self-calibration function of magnetometer will align it relatively quickly. No dice. Driving  to work for 40 minutes each way didn’t align the compass. Plan for the

Inspiration: Arduino based EFIS

Long discussion about Arduino based avionics on Lots of information and inspiration

Inspiration: CAN Bus links

CAN Bus discussion on Arduino Forum First CAN Node: LEDs and Sensors CAN Bus to WiFi interface ESP8266 MCP2515 CAN Bus to Wifi Gateway

Inspiration: Angle of attack

Arduino base angle-of-attack unit (AOA) Science behind differential AOA sensors

Inspiration: ESP8266 WiFi – a few links

Fancy WiFi stuff on ESP8266 Interfacing ESP8266 WiFi chip Some more on ESP8266 A cleaner ESP8266-12 hardware setup