Progress on the projects ….

There was very little update recently.

It is all because I’ve got a new job and spend very little time at home.

I didnt drop the project though. There is a big progress on EMS. I’ll present it very soon.

4 comments on “Progress on the projects ….
  1. Amir Daryaei says:

    it’s quite difficult to collect all the components together from an online shop, so please place all the components into your store!
    I’m sure it is better.
    thank you

    • Oleg Oleg says:

      I much prefer creating electronics than selling it.
      So I only sell the stuff I created because it is not available anywhere else. … plus a few things I have spare.
      Maybe in the future I’ll be selling kits, but for now please use eBay and 🙂

  2. Jose Hernandez says:

    Hi Oleg. Im Really impress. I would like to know if there are modifications in the display. I mean as color or bigger display to reach the information faster, with a quick look. Im new in the business, and already designing my ultralight. Lots of ideas and a very small pocket. You know. Please dont forget us.

    • Oleg Oleg says:

      Thank you for your feedback.
      I have tried a few different displays and settled on simple monochrome LCD FSTN ones.
      Main reasons:
      – Direct sunlight readability
      – Easy to program
      – Cost
      In the future I’d like to use larger FSTN displays. There a few nice reasonably displays from NewHaven. I didnt test them yet though.

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