It is time!


To be honest I didn’t expect this project to pickup any popularity.

With increasing number of followers I think it would be beneficial for everyone is I start a blog for little technical notes and a place to discuss some technical issues and ideas.

Feel free to comment and express your thoughts.

So, here it is, the Experimental Avionics Blog


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2 comments on “It is time!
  1. Sam Hord says:

    I just received my order, and was wondering if you had any layout for the enclosure? It would help to know where the openings go, so I do not cut an opening in the wrong place.

    Thanks for the work that you have done and the help.


    • Oleg Oleg says:

      Hi Sam,
      Sorry I dont have a layout for the enclosure opening. I “play by the ear” when it comes to building enclosures. This is why they dont look too good 🙂

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